MC6 Pro with Jackson and Jet Pedals

Hi all - Starting a downsizing of my MC6 Pro-based board and making a couple changes to pedals. So one new (to me) question and also wondering about an old one…

The old one is on Jackson Audio Golden Boy - I thought I’ve read here that folks are now able to control via Omniports. I’d been using the 3.5mm MIDI because I was not able to when I built the original board. Tried Omniports last night while starting the rebuild and still doesn’t work for me.

The other question - I’ve switched from Strymon to Jet Eternity and Revelation (both the latest versions). I can control both, except not the Revelation via Omniports either. Eternity yes, Revelation no. Same TRS cable, same Omniport that work with the Eternity.

I can work around all of this I think, but it’s super annoying that it’s so finicky.

Thanks in advance for any advice!