MC6 Pro with 2 x BOSS FS-7 / FS7 Aux switches

Hello, apologies if this has been asked a Bazillion times already.

Switch [B] on the FS7 works in both Aux Switch and Custom Switch mode, but I can’t seem to get Switch [A] (the top one) to respond to anything.

The switches are configured to Momentary and Polarity II as per this link, also powered with 9V and connected using TRS

Is there anything else I am missing?

Hi… have you tried another TRS cable? There have been cases on here where not all TRS plugs are exactly the same dimensions, causing poor contact in the MC

Thank you for the suggestion. Yeah I’ve tried 3 different TRS cables so far. I’ve also tested the pedals directly into my BOSS GT1K core and they work fine there

Settings are correct, you’ll have to connect the MC via TRS to input B of the FS7 to have both switches working.


uuuuuuhg! was one of those face-palm moments. Thank you! :man_facepalming:

I thought I’d better update this just incase someone else has the issue.

Mine was that ironically all of the jacks I tried did not sit perfectly. I have them a proper push in and it’s all working fine now