MC6 Pro: Volume control Helix (Stomp)

This has worked before with an MC6 MkII but as I have sold that one after getting an MC6 Pro, I can’t check anymore.

Maybe the import of the settings from the MkII to Pro has damaged something…

The expression pedal is set up in the MC6 Pro and movement shows respective values in the display.

I have set the pedal up in one of the patches to send Midi CC#4 to the Stomp.
I have set up the stomp to control master volume (the output block on the far right) with said CC#4.

But, alas, there’s no volume change when I move the pedal.
I’ve also tried to send CC#1 and set the Stomp to Expression pedal (CC#1 is the midi CC for this), also to no avail.

Does anyone have a similar setup and can give me a hint?

Thank you very much.


I attach screenshots from Helix and MC6Pro.

I still have no idea what I do wrong as all other settings do work fine.
Of course I have checked that the Moog Pedal is connected to Expression3.


you chose the wrong message type.

These will explain how to set up the expression pedal

Thanks for the hint but as you can see in the screenshot, the message type does not exist anymore but there’s the toggle “use expression value” on the right instead (see my screenshot above).

The video seems to be for an older firmware/editor version, I have the newest of both for the MC6 Pro installed

@Morningstar: It’s really hard to follow the instructions in the videos when there’s music playing in the background all the time. Very distracting!

That’s not correct. You have to scroll down further. You’ll find it under ‘type’/ ‘device’/‘select expression message’

You have to set up an ‘expression preset’ as well.

Please rewatch the video for details

Thank you very much for the screenshots, they were very helpful and everything works as expected now.

Although I appreciate the add functions, I must say that this is counterintuitive to everything I have done for the last 30 years (beginning with an ART X15 and ART SGX T2 up to a Lexicon MPX G2 and R1).

I would have thought that my method should work at least for a bread and butter function like Volume.