MC6 PRO v3.11.2 Firmware Release

We’ve just “officially” released the v3.11.2 firmware after receiving feedback on a number of bugs. We’ve also added some new features like enhanced color options etc.

Here’s the direct link to the Github download page which contains the release notes.

We’ve also updated the live editor to the latest build v1.3.5. If there are any issues with the latest build, please don’t worry. You can always access the previous build via the links at the bottom of the editor:

Here’s the direct link to the editor build v1.3.4.

Thanks again for all the feedback. We were more focused on fixing the bugs that were present in the initial release. I know there are a number of feature requests that makes sense (like bank jump to page 3 and 4, or enhancing the external API to include setting the LED colours) but we could not add them in this release. We’ll look at them in the next firmware update.

We’re still building the MC3/6/8 v3.11 firmwares. Those will be released in a couple of days time.


I’ve got to relook at that feature again. We’ve been unable to replicate any issues with the update feature in the editor but I do know some users are facing transmission issues.

Your best bet now would be just to use the firmware updater software available on our download page.