MC6 Pro Usb Ports

I’m not sure (yet) why I would want to do this, but can I use both usb ports, the host port to act as host to midi usb devices and the client port to connect to my computer for programming and communication to my daw?
I guess this would mean the midi “network” would have 2 hosts (computer and MC6Pro), would that confuse the devices or would the midi channels being used sort things out?

I haven’t received my unit yet in order to test, but from the documentation I think the
Handling Midi Through section might allow me to configure the unit to not let the midi devices get confused by the computer based usb host while letting the computer (as a usb host) talk to the MC6pro as a usb device.

Anyone any thoughts or experience with this?

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Yes, that’s possible. You’ll just need to set the MIDI Thru settings to reflect this. So incoming MIDI messages from USB Host will pass thru to USB Device, and vice versa.