MC6 PRO tutorial series, video or not

Have had an MC6 PRO for about a month. Have sometimes purchased gear exactly when needed, blithely expecting to find sufficient tutorial content to dive into the gear and sooner or later mastering it. My usual approach has been to determine what is to be achieved - this time it was to acquire a switching system with freely-re-orderable pedals control - then read up on what’s available, then check out tutorial content, download manuals and read them, start accounts on whatever forums exist for that exact gear, paying attention to all the usual suspects (frequency of fw updates, unhappy campers and their reasons, tone on the forum, etc).

Now and then I have assumed I would be able to locate tutorial content even though I hadn’t already thoroughly identified that content - or the lack of it - this was one of those times.

Shockingly, while I have found a very small number of authentic tutorial material for the MC6 PRO and its essential editor (usually regarding 1 or 2 aspects of the editor), there’s not a lot: a number of supposed tutorials ended up being not a lot more than someone showing the great sounds they make with the MC6 PRO (but not how they got there), or how great it is to be able to choose from color pallettes, but virtually no tutorial material anywhere.

Of course, on the forum (and FB- almost impossible to use efficiently as a repository of needed information) there are a few specified scenarios have been presented in which a detail needs to be cleared up, and very often the poster’s question gets answered. But: these cannot make up a tutorial no matter how I swing it.

So: where are the tutorials? How can anyone learn to use this tool without tutorials? Am I the only one that finds this piece of gear nearly impenetrable?

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Hi there
there is an extensive manual which can be found on the official website. On top of that there are several ‘how to’ articles and a number of official tutorials on YouTube. Most of them are about the MC8 or MC6 MK II but since the basic functions are all the same those are a good way to start. If you have a problem with a specific device you’ll most likely find someone here on the forum or on facebook to help you out.



Have read and re-read the manuals (not only for MC6 PRO, not inly for Morningstar switchers) and more is needed.

iConnectivity is an example when it comes to tutorials - they start from beginner-level and don’t seem to be ending their effort at atmospheric levels of conplexity anytime soon. They don’t make switchers (yet) but their gear is complex in the way a good switcher is.

A good tutorial series (articles, videos) is like an encyclopedia for the gear it refers to. It’s tangible, always available, doesn’t deal with a single detail - but with all details - offers a slowly increasing level of depth and complexity, and leaves no stone unturned. Lets you choose your level.

Missing that for MC6 PRO. The manuals are a great introduction to Morningstar terminology, but not to the nitty gritty of programming the unit.

Maybe after a few more months I might change my mind, get a different view.

Thanks again!


One thing I think is the vast ways you could be utilizing this thing makes it hard. What is your goal with the device and I’m sure we can get you there here in the forum. The basic tutorials that Morningstar has put out over the years may be a little outdated but typically is the same for all their midi controllers so maybe there would be a place to start

To me, the MC units exist to send MIDI commands to other devices to control them. The MC itself is just a mechanism for controlling other gear that you either already have or want.

What are you trying to control with it? I could provide a tutorial of how I use mine, but unless you’re using the same gear as me it’s probably not going to do you much good.


Took ages this (for the INTERIM = renovation of a living room after 25 years, took 10 weeks).
Then a couple weeks to recover.

Still putting together the pedalboard build in which MC6 PRO acts as (MC) Master of Ceremonies. The first order of business is to use MC6P to control two MEGX’s from RMJ, from the start for simple on-off function, later learning how to use the ability MEGX offers to choose pedal order.

The one MEGX (calling it MEGX 11) will handle signal from mags-only on an Anderson Hollow Drop-Top, and will control 12 pedals of which the final 3 will be used as stereo units. The stereo units at the end will eat up 6 of the 12 “channels” on that MEGX. The other 9 (all mono) will eat up the other 6 channels, requiring 3 or even 4 groups of pedals hard-wired in series, which might turn out to work. May end up with some buffer weirdness in the process but let’s see. Hoping to leave at least a single one of the 12 “channels” available for testing new-comers.

The 2nd MEGX (calling ti MEGX 12) will handle piezo only from the Anderson, and will control stereo pedals only. Presently there are 4 in that chain, and they will use up 8 of the “channels”. No real space anymore for further pedals, but one of the stereo pedals on MEGX 11 might be moved to MEGX 12.

Will hope for space to test new-comers in both chains.

I’ve gotten enough of an overview of the MC6 PRO and the MEGX-units to understand that what is described here is trivial with regard to signal handling. Totally non-trivial is the connectivity part - presently building a large number of “insert-cables” to handle MEGX 11’s many mono and stereo signals as well as MEGX 12’s potentially-up-to-six stereo units.

When I think things are getting just a bit too much I unscrew the H90, connect the Anderson, put it into a monitor or better, and wonder why I didn’t stick with that single unit…

You think you can help me? I cannot even figure out how to get MC6P to tell MEGX anything - seems whatever I write while trying to edit in the MC6P editor ends up more or less erasing itself or making something unexpected happen. Not even sure where to begin “getting it”…

resyn himself

  1. Is your MC6 Pro connected to at least one of the MEGX devices? If so, how is it connected? 5-pin MIDI, MIDI over omniport, USB midi, 3.5mm TRS MIDI?

  2. What firmware version is installed on your MC6 Pro?

  3. What URL are you using to access the MC6 Pro editor?

  4. Can you provide one your attempts at creating an MC6 preset? A screenshot of the editor will suffice.

This should be more than enough for people here to help you out.

Can you give us some details about this? What did you try to do? What did you programm to the MC to achieve that? What happend instead.
Some Screenshots of the MC editor will help.
The MEGX’s midi implementation is pretty straight forward. I wonder what the issue might be.