MC6 Pro - toggle group on LCD

I have no problem handling midi commands. Everything works perfectly, but I don’t know how to use the potential of LCD to beautifully visually mark, select and deselect which PC is active in the group.

Below is an example:
The selected 5 buttons should be a group.

If one is ON, the others should be OFF (no midi command is sent from the OFF button, just a visual change of the display status). The midi command is only sent from the specific button that is to be ON.

Is it even possibile?

Please help, I looked through the manual, forum and gave up.

I think you may be looking for Clear Preset Toggles in the controller settings. This will toggle off any engaged preset when another is pressed.

Would be a quick solution but since only 5 presets should be grouped I’d go with ‘set toggle’ commands. You’d have to program each preset of the group with a ‘set toggle’ + ‘disengage’ ‘message type’ to switch the other four to ‘pos1’ without sending any midi messages.

Yes, you can have the 5 preset states interact with each other. You just need to add a Set Toggle message to each of your switches. The message should disengage the toggle states of the other 4 switches. You can read more about the Set Toggle message type here: Message Type List

Thanks for all the replies.
Yes, it’s probably “Set Toggle” is the right command, but I don’t know how to use it in the context of patch in MC6Pro.
Can you give an example from the editor? I guess I don’t understand how to use Pos:1, Pos:2, Pos:Both in the patch with “Set Toggle”.
There is a description in the manual - super cool … but there is no example how to use it.

OK - Solved
Through trial and error, I’ve come to the conclusion that must be “Both” and then it always works.

To shed some light on this:
‘Pos1’ (position 1) is the default state of the presets when entering a bank.

If ‘toggle mode’ is on, every action (press, release, double tap etc.) will toggle the preset to ‘Pos2’.

A preset is ‘disengaged’ in ‘Pos1’ and ‘engaged’ in ‘Pos2’.

If you set a message to ‘both’ it will be send regardless of the toggle position of the preset.

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Thanks for all answers. Now it seems more logical.

I’ll post the results later, maybe it will be useful to someone.