MC6 Pro - Stops working the next day with Boss RC500

I recently received my MC6 Pro and have been really enjoying the functionality. There were some quirks to learn with the RC500 but I have it working for the most part.

When I am done playing for the day I typically turn off all my pedals and unlplug the power cable (I have the MC6 and RC500 on my pedalboard with a voodoo power supply.), and the midi cable. The next time I use the pedalboard nothing works even through all of the memory settings in the RC500 and MC6 still look the same.

I have to connect the pedals back to the computer and connect/disconnect in the app and then it starts to work again. Anyone else have this issue, and figured out a solution?

Thank you

Just to troubleshoot, when your pedalboard is turned off, can you try unplugging the MIDI cable connected to the RC500, then powering it on, and then connect the MIDI cable and let me know if it works?

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That seemed to do the trick. Thanks!

Might be something we can fix in software. Will need to check

Thank you James. I really appreciate the customer support. Keep up the great work