MC6 PRO spillover/trails between presets

Hi all,

anyone have an idea how to set up spillovers between presets. Usual scenario, between presets with delay and without delay I would like to avoid very obvious cut on preset change.
I am assuming some form of trails/spillover must exist, but I was not able to figure it out.
I understand this may be set on the pedal level as well, but sometimes I want the same pedal patch to be used in different manners so I was hoping MC6 Pro is also able to control these…
Any hints perhaps?
thanks in Advance

since the MC is a midi controller that’s not possible. If your delay can’t do spillover you’re out of luck. But if you own a delay that can be controlled via midi I’d be surprised if it doesn’t have this feature.

The only workaround I could think of is to keep the delay engaged and use the waveform generator to ramp down the effect level. But this will only work if your delay has an independent dry through signal path.


This has nothing to do with the MC6, it’s the job of the delay pedal. Usually bypassing it with a CC instead of changing preset to a blank one with a PC does the job