MC6 PRO Showing Long Name or Short Name in Window 1

I’d love the ability to show either the Long Name or Short Name in the first window of the controller.

My use case:

I have an aux switch, and the bottom button toggles which devices I’d like to assign to an expression pedal. I would love some visual feedback for the hidden preset that toggles exp devices, and currently the only thing that shows up in the window is the Long Name which in the case of the above image is “EXP Default”. If I toggle that preset, I don’t see any visual feedback that represents that toggle because the Short Name only changes based on a toggle/shift.

There’s a “Preset Rename” msg type that would definitely help out, but it only targets the Short Name, which doesn’t get displayed in the window.

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We’ll likely have layout options in future updates so the user can select what to show on each screen so we can explore different options then