MC6 Pro setup for multiple pedals

Looking for tips. Just picked up an MC6 Pro to replace a Disaster Area Designs Micro that i find difficult to use. I have two pedals i want to control: an Iridium and a TimeFactor. With the Iridium, i want to be able to fave 4 favorite amp tones. I then want to be able to judge the selected tone on and then on a delay preset in the TimeFactor, then tap the tempo.

My thought is use one page for the Iridium and tap, then use the other three pages to program delays. I want to be able to turn the delay preset on with one push of the button, then off with another press.

The v other option is to use bank 1 for the Iridium and bank 2 for the TimeFactor. Any thoughts on which is better?

Also, am i correct in thinking that i can send a program change message together with a CC to both select the delay preset and turn it on with one push of a button?

All that you mentioned is achievable. You will require some basic understanding of MIDI. This MIDI 101 video will be great for you:

Then there are other concepts that we have explained in these videos that will allow you to achieve what you want:

Engage/bypass delay preset with one switch - You will need to use Toggle Mode:

Controlling tempo BPM with MIDI -

Yes, you can send a PC and CC message together to the delay to select a preset and engage the effect at the same time.

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