MC6 PRO sequentially Page and bank change


I searched everywhere on the internet and on forums but I didn’t find a solution.
Many users find inconvenient to use the pages because to scroll through a playlist in a linear way you must first scroll through 4 pages then increase the bank with a different button, then go back to scrolling through the pages, then again when you get to the fourth you have to go back to increase bank with a different button…
I ask in some forums and many users don’t uses only page 1 and leave blank the other three because of this beaviour

Is there the possibility of programming an external button (or a combination of buttons such as B+C or E+F) to scroll through all the pages in all the presets in a linear way but using the same button or combination of buttons?
For example, I would like to be able to program two aux switches of an omniport (up and down) so that they behave like this:
Bank 1 - Page 1
Bank 1 - Page 2
Bank 1 - Page 3
Bank 1 - Page 4
Bank 2 - Page 1
Bank 2 - Page 2
Bank 2 - Page 3
Bank 2 - Page 4
Bank 3 - Page 1

Is it possible ?

This isn’t possible right now but we’ll look into adding this in the next update.

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Hi James,
Thought about this myself. Using MC3 to control the bank and page of MC6pro

Hi y’all,

I used a different approach: navigator mode in my project here: A new way to configure the MC6Pro

This takes two buttons on each page (though I am working on a way to only use 1) for easy navigation, and lets you quickly get where you want to go. Bank 1 is a home menu that lists all your banks, and each bank (or page) lets you quickly return to that menu. It’s pretty cool, check it out