MC6 Pro screensaver

Love my MC6 Pro. However, I am having trouble stopping external clock with the “Set Midi Thru” option. What am I missing?
Also, screensaver is great BUT, when it turns on, it would be great if the first hit of any switch simply woke it up so I don’t blindly change a preset. Would also be great if screen saver is an option that can be turned off.

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Hi Olzios,

Thanks for reaching out.

Currently, the MIDI Thru function does not work for the MC6 PRO because the MIDI thru options are different between the MC3/6/8 and the MC6 PRO. I think in the next update, what we’ll do is maintain the MIDI Thru on/off function where “off” will turn off all the MIDI thru functions, while “on” will turn on the default user MIDI Thru settings.

Regarding the screensaver, yes that is a valid point. We’ll fix that in the next update as well.

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Thanks, James! Appreciate it.