MC6 Pro Right Screen Broken

On startup for my MC6 Pro the right screen almost always is broken with random RGB values however this is pretty much always fixed by just restarting the device either once or twice. Its not especially urgent as the fix is so simple but it is annoying.

Just wondering if this is a known issue and how to fix it?

Firmaware v3.12.7
Build 240208445

Can you try updating to the latest v3.12.9 firmware and let me know if the issue still persists for you?

I’ve updated now and it all works perfectly. Sorry I forgot to check for newer firmware which had a patch specifically for this.

I observed this problem right after receiving a new unit I just purchased, just with the difference it happened with the left-most screen instead of the right one, and it did not go away after restarting (I tried restarting multiple times, and it was always the same). I went to the official website to check for firmware updates and updated to the latest version, and then it was fixed.
Before firmware update:

I would be nice to get this fixed with factory settings (or at least making it very clear that you must update the firmware first thing right after turning it on for the first time). For some people like me, this is kind of an expensive piece of gear, and it’s a bit scary to get the impression you got a broken unit the first time you test it.

We fix the LCD screen issue on 17th May 2024 with firmware v3.12.10. If you purchased this from a dealer, they might have been loaded with an older firmware when we shipped to them.