MC6 Pro (potential) bug: EB DVP4 Mini expression cant fill full range for expression

I’m unable to get it to go above 98% or below 3%. I tried calibrating and it didn’t change anything. Not sure if it’s a bug or something wonky on my end.

I got the same issue with a Lehe dual expression & MC6 PRO. Still trying to figure out how to fix this

During calibration, what were the minimum and maximum values set?

You can try setting a slightly lower range, like minimum 4 and maximum 123.
Sometimes it’s just the cable not getting a good connection.

I made a slight change to the Exp in the firmware below. Not sure if it will work for your expression pedal you’re using but it’s worth a try.
2023-03-09 MC6-Pro Expression Read Alt.hex (1.1 MB)

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I have the same issue and the same pedal - the update file did get it to go down to 0%, but still only up to 98%.

Another issue I am running into is that I try to select an expression message On Enter in the bank settings, and I save it, but if I bank jump and come back to the original bank where I made the change, the message I’ve selected is no longer selected, and so no message gets sent from the expression pedal.

I had this issue before I saw this post. I noticed if I wiggled my cable it would go to 0% and 100%.
I changed my cable and have had no more problems.
I use the Dunlop DVP4.

I had a Lehle and had no end of problems like this, including the 3-98% thing specifically.
I also had values constantly flickering, as well as always going to 100% on heel down.

I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, but I’m sure it’s something to do with grounding and USB, and I think the fact the Lehle needs power just adds one more thing to the mix that leads to more problems coming to the fore.

I could always get rid of the flickering by unplugging the USB from the MC6.

I have a Cioks DC7 and an 8. At one point I realised that one thing that seemed to help was putting the MC6 and any USB devices (which are connected to a hub along with the MC6) on the DC7 rather that mixing them up across the DC7 and 8, as well as using a Y cable to power the MC6 and the Lehle.

In the end it was too much hassle, and I got a Dunlop volume X, which works perfectly.

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Just in case this is helpful to others - I tried different brands of TRS cables with my DVP4, but no luck, and the cable wiggling solution seems like it could backfire in a live situation, even if it did work. What I found worked perfectly was just calibrating the pedal through the editor on the Configure Omniports drop down in the Controller Settings page. Now I am consistently getting 0% to 100% with no quirky behavior!