MC6 Pro Organization/Structure suggestions (RJM inspired)

Given we have multiple pages now and the beautiful displays. I think taking some organization ideas from the RJM workflow could really help cut-down on the amount of messages needed to link toggle/preset states and keep things uniform. They have various features that work well like:

CC Link (when sending a cc message on one preset, its state is automatically updated on another page. This could really help make the current “Group” function unnecessary.

Page IA states linked to preset. Ex: Preset A B and C are lets say song presets (intro/Verse/Chorus). The state of all presets on 2-4 would be recalled for preset A and saved under A. Next select Preset B and set toggle states on pages 2-4 and save.

Groups - they use groups differently as a way to have only one switch be active in the group. So you set 4 pedals to group 1, only one of them will be active at a time… Currently to set this up you have to set and troubleshoot multiple “set toggle” messages. It all gets very cluttered quickly.

As I think of anymore advantages, I will add to this thread.

Thanks for any consideration!


Thanks for sharing! We’ll see how we can incorporate these ideas in future updates. The MC6 PRO gives us a bigger canvas to explore new features where we’re no longer limited by memory or space, so we’re excited to see what we can do.


I was thinking something similar. I have it controlling a bunch of analog pedals through a switcher and would love to be able to Engage Loop 1 in one bank, switch to another bank with the same set of presets and have it show that it’s engaged there as well, all the while being able to disengage it in one stomp. As it sits currently, the effect stays active, but when switching banks, doesn’t show it and the switch is defaulted to Toggle 1, meaning the first press is to engage and the second to disengage, ultimately meaning two presses to disengage after switching banks.

There is a feature called ‘toggle group’ you might want to look into :wink:

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Thank you! That was exactly what I was looking for!