MC6 Pro Note Sequences?

I’m looking at the awesome synth mode of the Chase Bliss Mood MkII and wondering if there’s a way to send a sequence of MIDI Note On/Off commands from the MC6 Pro.

I think (though I could be wrong) that the awesome CC Sequence Generators currently only send CC messages. I suspect it would be a pretty straightforward feature enhancement to add Note On support to the Sequence Generators, though you’d need some sort of additional mechanism for sending the related Note Off massages, e.g. “after a preset delay” or “before sending the next Note On”. And then TA DA! The MC6 would be a full on 16 step MIDI sequencer.

[By the way, it would be very cool if the Sequence Generator had a mode to advance to the next event when triggered. So, for example, you could step through a sequence of Note Ons or CC values via Press actions. So a manually advanced sequence.]

I can honestly get most of what I want to do here by setting up a bank where each button sends a Note On (plus an all notes off) - six pitches is plenty for my application. That said, being able to loop a sixteen-note sequence synced to the clock to animate the Mood MkII shifting would be very very cool.

Am i missing another way to do this? Are Note On messages in the works for the Sequence Generators? Thanks! And…many thanks for the MC6 one of the greatest pieces of gear I own!

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Did you ever figure out anything? I want to do the same thing but send it to my monosynth.