MC6 Pro not talking to devices

First post and new to midi. My MC6 isn’t talking to Boss RC 500 and Boss GT1000 Core. I’ve followed online tutorial and set it up as per instructions but no success.
MC6 channel 16
RC500 channel 2
GT1000 channel 1
I can’t find a tutorial video that goes slowly to explain all settings, other than the 1 I followed and it’s not working. Help!

Hello, welcome! Let’s start with the easiest thing to check: Certain Functions Are Not Working

Yes I’ve exited Editor mode and still not working. Infuriating!

Assuming you’ve got all the settings correct (MIDI channel on Boss set up, presets set up to send the correct messages on the correct channel), can you check if the cables are connected correctly? Check that the 5pin cable connected to the MC6 PRO MIDI OUT port isnt wrongly orientated because the MC6 PRO MIDI OUT port has 7 pins.

How are the GT and the RC connected to the MC? Both units use trs type A (or standart in the MC’s settings). If you use the 5 pin midi out you’ll have to make sure that the plug has the correct configuration. If you are using an omniport it has to be set to ‘midi out standart’ in the controller settings. You could also use the 3.5 trs midi out of the MC. That’s how I’ve connected my GT. My RC is daisy chained to the GT’s midi out. If you chose to connect the GT back to the MC you’ll have to make sure that you don’t get midi loops. This can also be set up in the controller settings.

Note that both Boss units have to be set up in the ‘assigns’ to listen to midi in the first place. They won’t do anything by default except changing patches via pc# messages.

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Thank you! I unplugged and reconnected the 5 pin midi switch on the Out of the MC and it’s working. It mustn’t have been connected properly as you suggested :pray:t3:
Now I’ve got a handle on setting up the MC and it’s great! Very pleased :slight_smile: