MC6 Pro non-responsive/slow to respond

Sorry for cross-posting, but I’ve done more experimentation and I’m still plagued by these problems.

I’ve been an MC8 user for about a year, and it works great. Direct-replaced with the MC6 PRO and it’s unusable. Certain operations are outrageously slow or never complete, like the controller is hanging.

It’s mostly (but not exclusively) problems with MIDI coming INTO the MC6P. I use the controller with a Boss RC600 Loop Station. Again, the MC8 works fine. I’ve made sure to have the same settings on the MC6 Pro and I’ve got big problems.

Incoming PC messages for bank changes are not working OR are performed extremely slow (like delayed response by 15 seconds or more, making it seem that the MC6 is scrolling on its own, but most often no response at all from the MC6).

MIDI converter messages are not performed/sent. I can only assume that this is again on the input side; that the message is not being received properly, so nothing is converted/sent.

Also an issue with “On Enter Bank” messages being extremely slow; Bank does not change (screens hang on previous bank) while the operations are performed, and it can take several seconds for something that’s nearly instant on the MC8.

Tested by putting MC8 back into service, and everything works fine. I’m forced to leave the MC6 Pro off my pedalboard until these issues can be resolved.

Support email has been sent, but any insight would be appreciated. I really want this thing to work!

Just updating here: resolved via email. Boss was sending MIDI Clock messages which was causing MC6P to delay processing of other incoming MIDI messages. Issue resolved when MIDI clock message turned off in Boss. Something we shld be able to fix in next update.

The email support was much appreciated, James. This level of service adds tremendous value to the already great products. Cheers!