MC6 Pro Midi thru not working with ES-8 and HX Stomp

I’m using my ES8 to control the MC6 Pro and a HX Stomp. The Midi signal is ES-8 to MC6 in, out to HX Stomp in. Midi thru turned on in MC-6 to 5 pin din. MC6 set on channel 3, hx stomp on channel one. I press a preset on es8, but it’s not passing through to the stomp. When the es-8 is connected directly to the HX it works as intended. What am I missing here?

Hi, welcome! Try making the midi thru settings again, saving and restarting (with apologies if you’ve already tried that). Sometimes MCs need a little nudge to make settings stick, especially after firmware updates.

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OK I will try that I thought I did but will give it a go again. It came with the stock newest firmware so we will see if that helps.

Also another thought, sorry if you’ve checked… the Pro has 7 pin midi ports. Not impossible to plug 5 pin leads in with the orientation wrong… worth a check!

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I think it was defective midi cable!