MC6-Pro MIDI Thru is confusing

…or it is Strymons are acting up?

Took forever to get my MC-8 working with Strymon. Discovered the ML-5 was the culprit.

So, I moved to the MC-6 Pro and MDI Thru is confusing to me. I cannot find the correct setting for Nixie to see the Strymon pedals.

Current cabling…

  • Imac to USB-C Device Port
  • DIN5 to Strymon TimeLine, Big Sky, Mobius to DIN5
  • Omniport 1 to ML-5
  • Omniport 2 to Strymon Compadre

Attached is pic of current config but it is not working.


In your config, what is happening is:

  1. Incoming MIDI from USB device port will be passed through to the Omniports and DIN 5 MIDI OUT port.
  2. Incoming MIDI from DIN5 MIDI IN port will be passed through to DIN5 MIDI OUT port.

Based on your connection where you are connecting DIN5 MIDI OUT >> Timeline >> Bigsky >> Mobius >> DIN5 MIDI IN, this will result in an infinite MIDI loop. You should disable the DIN5/DIN5 option.

We’ve updated the MIDI Thru terminology in the beta editor, hopefully its clearer. For Nixie, you need to enable USB device to DIN5 out and DIN5 in to USB device:

This will allow communication between the Strymon devices (DIN5) and Nixie (USB device) where messages are being passed through.

Thank you. That fixed it up. I appreciate the updated text in the Beta Editor. Definitely helpful.

I’m having problems with the Midi Thru on the MC6 PRO

The first device on the chain is the Novation launch pad pro which I’m using as a midi clock master and also to send PC, CC and notes, It is connected to the MC6 PRO DIN5 MIDI IN,

From MC6 DIN5 OUT to the HX stomp DIN5 IN.

The PROBLEM is that the MC6 is not passing the cc data but the weird thing is that it is passing the midi clock.

If I connect the launch pad directly to the HX stomp the midi clock as well as the PC, CC and notes are working but as soon as I go trough the MC6 the data is not passing through, just midi clock.

The firmware on the MC6 PRO is The firmware is 3.11.2

An the midi set up is like this:
Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 1.50.00 PM