MC6 Pro & Meris Hedra- selecting presets [RESOLVED]

Hi all,
Looking for some help on programming my MC6 Pro to select different presets on my Meris Hedra. I had it working using a PC Number Scroll message, but for some reason it stopped working and the up/down presets don’t work anymore, even though I don’t believe I changed anything.

My set up:
I have the Hedra connected via TRS directly to a MC6 Pro omniport. (I have a Meris Midi I/O box, but didn’t think I needed to use it since this was working without it previosouly. Should I use it?)

Hedra is set to midi channel 6, and it is receiving other messages from the Hedra.

When I press the PC number scroll preset, it automatically jumps to preset 16. Then, neither the up or down preset does anything if i press it- just stays on preset 16.

I’m wondering if i should just try building the preset again from scratch- maybe it’s corrupt somehow?

Any help would be appreciated!

Here’s a pic of my preset.

Hi. Yes, that is correct. You do not need the Meris MIDI I/O box. You can connect directly to the MC6 PRO via an Omniport. Just be sure that you have configured the Omniport to function as ‘MIDI Out - Standard’.

Your switch settings look fine although there are some unnecessary settings (toggle name and position 2 color when this preset is not in toggle mode). Have you watched the below video yet? It explains in detail how to use the PC Number Scroll message type.

I also have a Meris Hedra connected to an Omniport. The setting for the Omniport is actually “MIDI Out - Tip Active”.

Both standard and tip active will work as the ring is not used on the Hedra. It sounds like the counter you are using for preset scrolling could be at 16 when you begin, which would make the Hedra go straight to preset 16. Can you post a screenshot of your Scroll Counter Settings please? And also please post a screenshot of your PC Number Scroll Down preset just, just to make sure there are no issues with that too.

Thank you all for your tips! I ended up using a different counter (3 instead of 0) and that seemed to reset everything and now the presets work fine.