MC6-Pro (MC8-Pro?)

Yes it’s still 18cm wide.

I don’t think we can share anything about the I/Os yet, at least until the hardware is finalised. And then there’ll be that great promo video that hopefully makes everyone want one.

I guess what I can share is there is a USB Host port (to connect other USB devices, or maybe two way comms with another MCx) along with a USB device port just like on your current MC.


Hoping the final version has a lot of 3.5mm jacks like the midibox … assuming that space for 1/4" jacks is the limiting factor for more I/O. Of course there’s a limit of how many on the base produc versus an addon that can sit under the board.

I have no need to for Relay type switching; small preference for that to stay as an add-on via a Relay box unless the incremental price and tradeoff with other types of ports is low. Now if all ports are super omni ports (in/out/relay) which are robust and not expensive…

Ports on the back only please!

That thing is blowing my mind. If the features accompany the display quality it will be a must have (with a good price).

Wait…What? The 10x will have a screen. OMG, I love MorningStar!

Once the MC-6 Pro is good to go, will you be working on an MC-8 Pro? …Or is it that the MC-6 is simply the best selling, meeting the needs of 90% of people?

EDIT: Already answered above. Thanks.

Holy Smokes! I am glad I missed this teaser last year cuz anticipation is gonna make me crazy! I am TOTALLY in love with my current mk2 but I guess I could be persuaded to take it off my board! I currently use a Boss ES-5 for some of my pedal switching and I like it well enough, though I dont feel particularly attached to it. I have seen the ML5 and was thinking about getting it at one point (I like the size, and that is could/should live underneath) but I love running my ODs parallel to fuzz(es).
So, long way around, will this beautiful gizmo offer an option to run anything parallel? Even just 1 internal mixer would be pretty classy, and I’d love you guys even more.
Also, I would like to be able to buy some merch. It’s a silly thing to ask about, considering that its not as important, but I would really super like to get a shirt and a coffee cup for sure. And more stickers.
Seriously though, thank you guys! I can’t wait to see more about it and to drain my bank account!

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Any news on the MC-6 Pro timeline?

Does it use USB-C? Be great to move to that.

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Yes, we will be using USB C ports.

No updated timelines yet. We’re hoping to manufacture a small batch for beta testing next.

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Any updates?

I’m torn between being good and patient vs throwing money at a PirateMIDI box because it has pretty lights.

That said, having signed up to this forum, I’m impressed with your Web UI, so maybe I’m swinging back around…

But the GAS is strong. Any chance of something to nibble on while we wait? :wink:

we received the beta boards last week. Just doing some final tests now before getting them beta tested.

I hate to give timelines in this environment (because shit happens) but my best estimate would probably be a November release?


Oh that’s exciting!

Totally understand, estimates are pretty difficult at the moment, I’ve had a number of work projects get pushed thanks to random “Covid” delays lately, so I get why you might be hesitant about making any promises.

That’s great news though. Really sounds like you’re in the home stretch! Keen to see how you progress!

I’ll put my patient pants on then, with tempered expectations. I think you’ve swayed me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Really appreciate and impressed by your candid response!


If you’re looking for beta testers, I’m right here!

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Oh that goes without saying! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are there any updates on this? Would love to grab one or at least drool at another teaser video! Thanks so much!


MC8 user here. Would be stoked to beta the mc6 pro or mc8 pro!

PCBs are currently manufacturing. We’re still waiting for one more enclosure sample before we commit. Hoping for release by year end (seems a little tight now tbh) or early 203.

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any chance you’re still looking for beta testers?

we do not require any beta testers at the moment, thanks for asking!