MC6-Pro (MC8-Pro?)

Any updates or more teaser info on the MC6 Pro? Will there be an MC8 Pro as well? I know this is subject to change

  • New Features
  • Hardware
    • Ports
    • New Hardware (e.g., bluetooth?)
  • Will there be a new editor or will the
  • Availability
  • Price

Really excited about this … especially as my eyes get older a larger display helps a lot.

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We shared this on the FB group, so will share it here as well.

Regrettably, the production for the MC6 Pro is affected by the semi-conductor shortage (aka chipageddon). The delivery for the micro-processors for this model has been pushed back to October, and best case scenario at the moment is for a December release.

We don’t want to release much details yet since the unit is not in production yet.

Ports-wise, there’ll be more.

Size wise, the switch spacing is slightly wider (75mm vs 60mm on the MC6). Height is similar to the MC6


Take care of your company, I see that Mod Devices is very bad due to this micro-processors delays.
PS : what do you think of a concept of modular elements connectable via a dedicated bus/link (midi like) and allowing extensions MC4-MC6-MC8=2xMC4, MC10=MC4+MC6, MC12 etc.

I did not know about the delay in production. Thanks for the update!

Question: Will this delay also affect the ML5X?

I’m asking to decide whether or not I should wait a little for the Summer release of of the X version (which is very close), or just get a regular one while the X arrives later in the year.


We don’t have a release date for the ML5X yet but it should be done by this year (fingers crossed).

Yes, it’s affecting a lot of industries.

I’m not sure yet - but hardware-wise we do want to make it implementable if we decide to do this in the future. What I would rather focus on (personally) is have enough useful features so there’s no need to use 2 controllers :wink:


Thanks for the answer. I decided to better get a normal version now :smile_cat:

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