MC6-Pro (MC8-Pro?)

Any updates or more teaser info on the MC6 Pro? Will there be an MC8 Pro as well? I know this is subject to change

  • New Features
  • Hardware
    • Ports
    • New Hardware (e.g., bluetooth?)
  • Will there be a new editor or will the
  • Availability
  • Price

Really excited about this … especially as my eyes get older a larger display helps a lot.

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We shared this on the FB group, so will share it here as well.

Regrettably, the production for the MC6 Pro is affected by the semi-conductor shortage (aka chipageddon). The delivery for the micro-processors for this model has been pushed back to October, and best case scenario at the moment is for a December release.

We don’t want to release much details yet since the unit is not in production yet.

Ports-wise, there’ll be more.

Size wise, the switch spacing is slightly wider (75mm vs 60mm on the MC6). Height is similar to the MC6


Take care of your company, I see that Mod Devices is very bad due to this micro-processors delays.
PS : what do you think of a concept of modular elements connectable via a dedicated bus/link (midi like) and allowing extensions MC4-MC6-MC8=2xMC4, MC10=MC4+MC6, MC12 etc.

I did not know about the delay in production. Thanks for the update!

Question: Will this delay also affect the ML5X?

I’m asking to decide whether or not I should wait a little for the Summer release of of the X version (which is very close), or just get a regular one while the X arrives later in the year.


We don’t have a release date for the ML5X yet but it should be done by this year (fingers crossed).

Yes, it’s affecting a lot of industries.

I’m not sure yet - but hardware-wise we do want to make it implementable if we decide to do this in the future. What I would rather focus on (personally) is have enough useful features so there’s no need to use 2 controllers :wink:


Thanks for the answer. I decided to better get a normal version now :smile_cat:

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I know the delays due to component shortages are impacting schedules and pricing for the entire industry.

Are the firmware and editor being completed in the meantime … or do you expect that to be a work in progress as you get to launch?

Wondering if the some or all of the code can be shared across the current gen and the pro series?

If you’re supporting two separate implementations of firmware and editors, that might slow down the rapid improvements we’ve been accustomed to from the MC6/3/8 Series as the effort is diluted. If the the code is coupled too much, that might artificially limit what the hardware can support (unless you are clever … which Morningstar apparently is).

UPDATE: Due to the worldwide shortage of microprocessors, manufacturing of the MC6 Pro has been delayed. We had slated it for a Summer release, but now estimate that a late 2021 or early 2022 release is more probable. For those who were excited to get your hands on one sooner, we feel you too and can’t wait till when we can show it to you.. (July 22)

Yes, we do have prototypes built and development is on-going (although slowed down due to hardware delays, so we prioritised other developments).

The editor will be the same. Code is shared where possible (it doesn’t make sense to implement a different workflow or logic for the Pro series, and yes, managing a different codebase will just slow us down). Of course, the Pro series has less limitations (more memory, more ram, faster processors etc) so we have more room to implement more features.

The editor is designed to be very flexible so we can easily integrate different features for different devices. We do everything in-house, hence we can push new features quite rapidly.


Will the dimensions of the MC6 Pro be similar to the MC6? Just wondering if I upgrade if it will fit in the exact same spot

it won’t.

Still subject to change (but unlikely), the width of the MC6 PRO is 18cm vs 14.5cm for the MC6.

Thanks. Do you know the approx height as well

Can you say if the MC6-Pro will have built-in loops? I use an MC8 + ML5, but built-in loops seems like it might make integrating non-MIDI pedals simpler (i.e. a simple button to on/off each loop like how the GigRig controllers do it)

Also, if there are integrated loops it would be really cool to have programmable buffers. I currently have to send a MIDI message to the HX Stomp to adjust the final volume for each preset, but it’d be nice to do this using a post-buffer after my last drive pedal’s return to an MC6-Pro loop.

Good luck finishing up the MC6-Pro, I’m loving the MC8 + ML5!

Hey James! you never answered the question about a possible MC8Pro: it is on the way, or will we have the MC6Pro first?

We’ll have the MC6-Pro first - no work is done for the MC8 pro yet.

There won’t be integrated loops - That will blow the price off the roof - maybe in a separate product line but not for the MC6 Pro.

Just wanted to continue the discussion and ask for a quick update on the status of the MC6 PRO.
Looking forward to see this product on the market soon.

Is there a timeline available when the MC6 PRO will be in production?

We’ve been buying up as much parts as possible for this for a production run (parts keep going out of stock) and (off the top of my head) I think we have almost everything we need. We’ve resumed software development about a month ago after receiving our second iteration of the MC6Pro board.

I can’t give any production timeline until we actually start production (because shit happens, and we really want to get the ML10X out first) but we’re hopeful for a summer release this year…


Any update on the final dimensions?

Is it still 18cm wide vs 14.5cm for the MC6.

James, thanks for the quick update. I am looking forward to the summer. :hugs:

Do you have some teasers or specifications that you can already can share with us?