MC6 Pro Left screen filled with “white noise” upon startup

Hi all. I’ve just bought an MC6 Pro and often find the left screen to be filled with “white noise” upon startup…probably 70% of the time. I’m running fw 3.12.9 but have just uploaded a firmware fix for 3.12.9 that I found in a post on this board. At this stage (after just a few restarts), the fix seems to be working.

@james, is there any permanent fix for this issue?

Yes, we have a fix for this.

We have a temporary firmware and more info about the problem here: Blank screens are back with last firmware - #4 by james

We should have an official firmware out by tomorrow (just working on one more bug fix related to custom bank arrangement)

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Yep, that’s the temporary firmware I’m currently using. Thanks for the update re. the official firmware!