MC6 Pro Learning Journey

Dear Team Morningstar and community,
I am happy to say I just got my MC6 Pro yesterday.

This is my first Morningstar product and I wanted to share my first couple of hours experience with your product and some suggestions, with the intent it may help other brand new purchasers get as close to instant gratification out of such a well though out and flexible product.

I have had the product for about 4 hours of total learning time so far and for the first bunch of hours with the unit I was really struggling in trying to understand the workflow of the editor and how I should setup my controller.

I had watched a bunch of YouTube videos but the ones I watched didn’t help me know where to get started as a new owner. I got frustrated as the manual was more of a reference guide with no quick start
and the editor has so much in front of my eyes it was almost dizzying.

That was until I watched this video

This video from Doug Hansen, (kudos Doug) give me the cues I needed to make sense of the editor and controller workflow in an applied real life sense, with a showcase of how the scenes and pages are linked. This video gave me enough for me to unravel what was before my eyes, and once I could see it and make sense of the layout most things made complete sense.

In an hour I got a number of devices working, inc global tap tempo, scene and page nav happening.

So as a complete newbie, but veteran of the music production biz I would like to make an observation and suggestion

Your current range of videos seem to be aimed towards those who know and understand your software and interfaces (nothing wrong with that).These videos have fast narrative and menus flying, cover lots of ground, ground a newbie would not yet understand.
This is great for those who know your stuff but is frustrating for those who are fresh to your product, and those with a brand new device almost take for granted these days that really great video manuals exist that take you from Zero to Hero.

I believe it would be super helpful for newbies to do some short videos that start with demonstrating the outcome on a particular device and how one might navigate through the screens, (i.e Controlling an Aeros Looper or Maschine Scenes and transport) then doing a deep dive on how you got to the outcome.
Controlling devices in and out of the current existing library i.e how to find the midi data for a device out of the Library, how to manage looper control, Expression pedal mapping to multiple outputs with different ranges etc…

IMHO This approach would help those of us who are either new or those that learn differently.
If it helps I would be more than happy to do some short vids once my setup is complete.

Anyway, I am glad to be here starting my Morningstar journey, and looking forward to the data when the ML10x’s are available

Have a great week



Thanks! I got my MC 8 last Christmas and tried watching the videos, I too found that they moved too fast and watched them over and over, pausing and rewinding to pick up tips. One thing that I didn’t do was make my first bank as a HOME page. I need to dust off my brain and start a fresh, since I have let it lie dormant for the last several months.


I completely agree with this. Im nit a a complete newbie to midi but Im new to morningstar and Just got the mc6 pro. The videos are of a very fast narrative, There is also not really specific tutorial videos on the mc6 pro specific things. While the editor is very effective, the mc6 pro is quite powerful and learning what changes in the editor do what to the actual controller from scratch can be frustrating and time consuming. There should be a full tutorial of a slower pace in programming with different sections. The user manual could benefit from an enlarged pic of the footswitch with hyperlinks going back and forth explaining programming options.