MC6 Pro - Jump to last bank / page or page - weird behaviour/jumps

Hi there!

I have a preset on all the B / H / N / T slots, meaning on all banks and pages the front middle switch does the same thing.

The prest is:

  • press - jump to last bank /page or page
  • double tap - jump to bank 1

Now when I start on bank 1 and go up to bank 5 and then 6 and 7, I can use the above preset to go back step by step… all good

Now when I start at bank 1 and use switches A and B to decrease banks to go to bank 128, 127, 126 and then I want to use my preset to go back step by step… My MC6 Pro jumps to bank 63, 64 and then 1 (!)

Wow! :smiley: Everyone else can replicate that?
Best regards!

Haven’t tried to replicate but the number of banks got increased to 128 during beta… and the mention of unwanted jumps to
64 and 1 would make me guess you’ve found a bug. Paging @james!

I just realized that I have another thing not working properly with the above preset:

  • press - jump to last bank /page or page
  • double tap - jump to bank 1

When I press once, it often happens, that there’s no reaction at all, OR, that with only one press the double tap action is executed. I really hope James will be able to help with this.

Post a screenshot showing the full editor screen and ALL the messages in the preset please? Just in case something in your setup is causing that. Also, how is your Switch Sensitivity set in global settings?

Just tested this - there is a bug with “jump to last page” so if you’re coming from a different page within the bank, nothing happens. Will need to check this out. But jump to last bank definitely works, as does jump to bank 1 on double tap.

I did a factory reset, the only thing I edited now is preset B called ‘BACK’. It is on all banks identical and has two messages:

  • press: Bank Jump: Last used Bank / Page or Page
  • long press: Bank Jump: Bank 1 (1)

In the video I bank down from bank 1 to bank 126, then I press BACK and it jumps to bank 63, page 2

Yes, there is definitely a bug with this function. We were working on this for the last 2 weeks but do not have a working solution yet.

The intention for this function is to bank jump to the last bank/page the controller was in i.e.
For B1P2 >> B2P4 >> B2P2 >> B3P1
the function will bring you back exactly in reverse.

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Dear James,

I humbly ask you, when the next firmware update will fix this and maybe the expression pedal issues?

It’s just, not having a reliable bank jumping method jeopardizes the setup I had now on my MC8 for the last 2 years and makes the MC6 Pro at the moment not useable to gig with for what I’m used to. Shall I rebuild my programming/setup to a completely different layout or try to get an MC8 again rather than wait for a soon update? I understand of course, that you need to be hesitant with firmware updates, so that it’s really woth it for all users. I REALLY appreciate what you do as such a small enterprise and the support you give us is out of this world (I’d love you to be able to invoice some of the other brands actually for the help you gave us to work with their products :-D)

Best regards!


No worries! We do want this fixed as well, but we have not yet come up with a solution. We’re just stuck on the scenario where if the user mixes a jump to last bank and jump to last bank and page together.

We just settled our office move last week and I’ll be able to start working on this again on Monday. I’ll commit to getting a solution out by the end of next week, please do not hesitate to reach out if there are no update

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We unfortunately still need more time for this bug.

We’ve got a host of other bugs fixed in the mean time. You can follow the progress here: Trello


Thanks for the update @james

I’m happy enough to know that it’s a bug and not just my incompetence that is behind me not getting this to work!

I guess I just have to settle with pressing back one extra time in my menus for a little while until the team can figure it out.