MC6 PRO issues with incoming Midi PC when Mid-Clock is also coming in

sorry if that’s an known issue, but have not found something similar in the forum.

I have a brand new MC6 Pro, coming from a MC6 MK2.

In my setup I have a SELAH Quartz V2 as an external Midi-Clock and setlist-device. Maybe that’s all not necessary but for me it’s an easy and good way to have control over Midi-Clock and the songs. The Selah Quartz is programmed to send a PC message when changing to the next preset (on the Quartz) and sending the new bpm for the actual song.

With the MC6 MK2 everything works flawless and fine, but my MC6 Pro is not stable in changing the Bank. Sometimes it does, sometimes not or with a very high delay.

I found out that everything goes fine, when I stop the Quartz sending Midi-Clock. Then the MC6 Pro changes the Bank perfectly. As soon as I let the Quartz send Midi-Clock again, MC6 Pro comes in trouble.

The settings are all the same for MK2 and Pro and I have no idea what could be the reason therefor.

Any suggestions?


Ok, some additional information.

I have found the described issue with the newest official firmware 3.11.2.

I updated on 3.12.0 beta. Now it’s way better, but have noticed the following.

I created a short setlist on my Selah Quartz with 3 songs. The corresponending banks on the MC6 Pro are 2, 8 and 9. So when I choose Song 1 on the Quartz the MC6 Pro should go to Bank 2, Song 2 on the Quartz to bank 8 and song 3 to bank 9.

That’s working ok now, but I can see that MC6 Pro doing the following (I hope I can describe it clearly):

Let’s start on Song 1, MC6 Pro is already on Bank 2. Going up on Quartz to song 2, the MC6 Pro shortly goes to bank 3 and than to bank 8. When going back to song 1 on the Quartz, the MC6 Pro shortly goes to bank 7 and than to bank 2.
So the MC6 always goes one bank up or down before going to the correct bank.

Yes there is a bug related to how MIDI clock was being handled in the MIDI Inputs, but that is fixed in the beta firmware.

Is it possible you share the controller backup file so I can try to replicate?