MC6 Pro Ignores MIDI Output Mask for ML10X Message Type

MIDI Output masks have been working well for me lately.

But when I use the ML10X message type (SysEx), it goes out the port I have selected (good) but also out of DIN (not good).

Here is my preset

cc @james

Not sure but this could potentially be related to Firmware v3.12.1 PC message alters preset on Poly Flat V - #12 by marniorez

For the ML10X message type, currently:

  1. MC3,6,8 only sends it out via the DIN5 port.
  2. MC6 PRO sends it out on all ports
    The masking feature currently does not apply to this message.

Same applies for SysEx messages.

We will integrate the masking in the next update.


Thank you. This is crucial for my setup.

Hi @james — has this been addressed yet?

We’re testing a firmware now and will upload one tomorrow.

2024-04-03_MC6_PRO_Firmware_v_3_12_9_MIDI_Mask_Fix.hex (1.3 MB)

@lightyrs can you try this and let me know how it works for you?

Thanks @james I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Something I just noticed is that MIDI Output Mask doesn’t seem to show 1/8" TRS MIDI as an option for Expression Presets. Which has the effect of sending expression to 1/8" TRS MIDI regardless of the mask used. Can this be addressed?

Thanks for reporting. Yes we have just fixed it on our end - just checking before pushing changes, probably tomorrow.

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