MC6 Pro - How to edit USB Host Port?

Hello, I would like to know where I can edit the expression message being received by the USB Host port.

Here is what I want to achieve :
I’m using the LEHLE MONO VOLUME S - USB C out port to the MC6 Pro USB Host port (usb C to usb C cable).

I want to be able to Edit what it does (expression cc messages)

Right now it’s hooked up and I’m able to control the Morph Feature of the Kemper Profiler. (so rocking the Lehle pedal back and forth, I’m controlling the Morph expression feature of the Kemper.

I can’t find where to edit these features in the morning star online Editor.
Is it possible to edit the USB Host port ?

Thanks for your time and help

I guess your Lehle is sending a CC over usb then? If so you’d have to either change the CC# the Lehle is sending on the Lehle or you’d have to assign a different parameter to that CC on the kemper. If that’s not possible you could try to use the ‘midi message converter’ feature of the mc to convert the incoming midi to another CC#.

a quick look at the manual confirms that the Lehle is sending a CC 11 on channel 1

Hey, @GuitarWolf thanks for the response ! You’re totally right. By default the Lehle is sending a CC#11.
It must be pure luck that the Kemper Profiler as a CC#11 assign to a parameter.

Using the midi message converter feature in the editor work. I’m converting at the output and I’m able to assign a new CC# to control other Kemper parameter or Hx Stomp parameters.

This is great ! Thanks again for taking time to help !

Cheers :smiley:

Lehle Manual reference p.19