MC6 pro, FM9, Tuner

Hi Forum,

I’m trying to get the tuner on my FM9 to work with the MC6 pro. I’ve tried both the latest stable firmware as well as the current beta, reset factory settings etc, to no avail.

Right now, I only have a single preset on my mc6, configure it to send the Fractal Audio Tuner message (for FM9) on Press.

The FM9 has realtime sysex on.

When I press the button on the MC6, the FM9 activates the tuner but no tuner shows up on the MC6. After a second or two, I’ll get the “No Tuner Data!” error message on the MC6 and the FM9 exits the tuner.

If I try the “Fractal Audio Integration” message for another preset, I do get the ability to select scenes, so bidirectional communications is working otherwise.

I just realised the tuner function might be hardcoded to wait for a SysEx response from a AxeFX III, and not the FM3 or FM9. I’m currently away on holiday till the 26th and don’t have access to my equipment, but I’ve edited the IDs for the tuner function. If you can, can you try this firmware below and let me know if it works for you?

2023-09-19_MC6_PRO_Firmware_v_3_12_0_230919685_Beta.hex (1.3 MB)

This seems to have partially fixed it. If I start the tuner on the FM9, the MC6 will recognize it and show the tuner. If I however initiate the tuner from the MC6, the tuner will briefly come on on the FM9, the leftmost screen on the MC will turn green but then show “No tuner data!”.

I’ve tried out the latest beta firmware ( now and the issue has been fixed. Thanks!

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