MC6 Pro Feature Request: More Control over Page changes

Now that we have the ability to use 4 pages rather than two, it’d be nice to have some increased functionality to allow more granular control, for example:

  • Page Jump (same as Bank Jump but for pages)
  • Bank setting to control number of pages used in the bank

We’ll be adding this as part of the Toggle Page message type

Not sure about this yet but likely in future updates.


Thanks for the quick reply as always James! Another thing that would be super useful would be to make the added functionality under Toggle Page available through MIDI CC. My use case is this:

I want to set FS1 and FS2 on my HX stomp to page up and page down. Currently, I can use these to “toggle page”, but that’s only useful if I had 4 pages I wanted to cycle through one by one. I’d rather be able to page up and down or toggle between page 1 and page 2 with one footswitch.

Additional request in this category: Page naming or set color option by page.


Background color per page would be awesome!!

The color by page is sort of already included in the Edit Bank screen

I think the implementation could be a little cleaner, though, just to set the color per page, rather than setting an action to set the page color.


Overlooked those when I set the bank background color. Thanks!

Yeah, agreed. It was something we quickly added (bank background color) a few days before we launched. We’ll see how everyone is using it first before making updates to this feature.

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Also - could you add the page up/down functions to the aux switch control options?


I would also love this. Bought an aux switch in the hopes of toggling the pages up and down, but the Fixed Switch still only has a single “Toggle Page” option. Thank you!

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Re James’s response to Dean815 on March 2, the Toggle Page functionality for all 4 pages of an MC6 Pro bank exists in the current version of the Morningstar Editor. That is, within a bank, one can jump around from page to page. However, what is lacking as of today is the ability to program a bank jump that allows one to land on page 3 or page 4 of another bank.

The manual for message types (Message Types: Bank Jumps) states that a bank jump can land on page 1 or 2. That is implemented as a “Page 2” toggle in the online editor. Since the MC6 Pro has 4 pages per bank, wouldn’t it be easy enough to update the editor so that one could jump directly to any of the 4 pages of a target bank? Perhaps radio buttons for page 1, 2, 3, and 4 would be simple to implement.

My workaround in the moment is to ensure each bank uses only 2 pages, but that’s a bit of a waste of the Pro’s capabilities.