MC6 Pro Expression Port selection not sticking in Editor

This is for the Use value from Expression toggle setting:

I’m trying to set up my Expression Pedal hooked up to Exp4 to control a device, Expression pedal is calibrated and working. I’m realizing the editor is not saving my Exp Port selection in the Editor v1.3.5.5 when I hit Save Preset. I tested this after unplugging the USB cable, restarting the Editor and the MC6Pro.

I’m trying to save Expression 4 from the dropdown (or any other Exp2/3 for that matter), but when I recall the patch, it’s always reading Expression 1. Is this a known bug?

I’m on MC6 Pro Firmware 3.11.2 and using the Standalone Mac Editor.

I’m getting the same when using the Chrome editor.

It looks like you are programming a switch preset, not an expression preset. You’ll have to select the expression pedal you want to control from the right column:

What you have shown in your screenshot is a completely different thing. That feature allows you to use a switch to send a CC message with a value that is derived from your expression pedal’s position.

Hi Brandon, thanks for chiming in.

This is actually what I intend, I want to send a CC with the value derived from Exp4 current position.

When I untick “Use value from Expression” and just use a static CC value I can confirm my Blooper works with that CC. The problem is more on the Editor side. Upon selecting Exp4 as my source Expression port and saving it just won’t stick. When toggle to another Bank within the editor and come back to the Bank where it should have the Exp4 CC thing the message reads Exp1 (which I never selected/saved). Feels like a bug.

I’ve now switched to the beta firmware 2023-09-07_MC6_PRO_Firmware_v_3_12_0_230907504_Beta and the dropdown menu now saves correctly. Looks like it’s been resolved.

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