MC6 Pro Expression Pedal Calibation

Sorry if this has already been covered.

What are the steps to calibrate? The manual says to enter calibration, Go to Heel and click Next.
I don’t see anywhere to click next.

I am using a HOTONE soul press 2, it worked well with my older MC6. At this point, it jumps from 0-100 then immediately to 60%. I’ve tried changing the sensitivity with no difference. I am sure proper calibration will get it where it needs to be.

When I go to the editor, and click calibration, on the pedal, it just shows save and exit. No next.

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, I am a dumbass, I was looking for the save option in the editor, and there it was sitting on the pedal, So calibration did the trick. Now on to figure out how to setup midi expression.