MC6 Pro Daisy Chaining

I want to connect MC6P to another MC6P through host USB port and use it like one device.

Do you have any plans for this?

What do you need beyond sending bank/page change commands from one device to another?

Note: You can do the above today. Add “Bank Enter” actions that send a PC to the other device to change the Bank. There are a lot of other commands that let you toggle presets, engage presets, set clock, change text on the display, etc.

Morningstar might be able to make this easier/more seamless, but that might also not have the same flexibility. Arguably they could claim the “daisy chain” feature today in spite of it being primitive.

If you connect the USB Host port of MC6 PRO 1 to the USB Device port of MC6 PRO 2, they will bank up/down in tandem when you bank up/down on MC6 PRO 1. And as long as MIDI thru from USB device in to MIDI outputs is enabled (Controller Settings shown below), messages from MC6 PRO 1 will be passed through to MC6 PRO 2 and the devices connected to it.

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Then, can MC6 PRO 2’s message be delivered to MC6 PRO 1 as well?

2024년 5월 16일 (목) 오후 12:59, Brandon via Morningstar User Forum <>님이 작성:

You can route it in the controller settings to do so.

For example, if you have MC6P1 connected to the MC6P2 Host port, and you want to send messages from MC6P1 to MC6P2 and then route it to the MC6P2 MIDI OUT 5 PIN port, you just need to set it up like this: