MC6 Pro + CB Mood mk2

Hi everyone,

Hoping someone can help guide me as I’ve read the docs for both units in the op title and I must be missing something because things just aren’t working.

I have the expression port on the MC6 Pro set to “Midi Out - Ring Active” and have a TRS cable plugged into the “Midi / Ext” port on the Mood mk2. Also, I’m working mostly from the desktop editor.

I’ve tried two basic functions: First, saving a preset. According to the CB MIDI doc for the Mood mk2, you hold both footswitches and send a pc message to save a preset. Recalling that preset is a matter of sending the appropriate pc message. This hasn’t been working for me. I’m sending midi on ch 2 as per CB’s docs, and I’ve also tried powering up while holding both footswitches and subsequently sending a pc message (which according to cb is meant to set the receiving midi ch for the Mood) to make sure I’m sending on the correct channel.

The other function I tried was sending a CC for toggling the left side of the pedal bypass. This sorta works, but it’s a buggy. Non responsive, and every 5th press of the MC6 switch actually toggles the switch. What’s more, regardless of the midi channel I select, I am able to sporadically toggle the bypass on the left side of the Mood. I would expect no messages to be going through based on what I’ve set.

Lastly, I have an exp pedal that I’ve mapped to cc 18 (“Clock” on the Mood) but what I get instead is a state where a midi value 0 and 127, I get max reverb and at the middle value (63,64) it’s totally dry.

It seems like I’m fundamentally doing something wrong here and would appreciate any help from someone with some more experience.

Thanks =)

Hi, did you check the Midi Monitor in the editor to check if the MC is sending the correct Midi messages?
Maybe it’s a problem with the connection, did you check the cable?
And can you share some screenshots of your programming?

You might want to have a look at this, also

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I get sporadic behaviour using the Omniport to control CB MOOD MKII. Using the main MIDI port it’s fine.
I wouldn’t quite yet blithely say there’s something up with the Omniport, but it certainly seems that way after quite a bit of methodical testing. The Omniport also seems to trip up my HX Stomp too. One thing I can say, it’s that all the problems go away if I stop MIDI clock output from the MC6.

In taking with CB support (who have been really responsive), they said they do see odd behaviour with Morningstar.

You can check this other thread on it, but no responses yet:

For info, I’m having trouble changing the MIDI channel on the CB MOOD MKII. It just won’t stick. Not sure if it’s related. Would be keen to know if your can change yours? One tip from CB is to remove the MIDI cable before you do the power cycle to change the channel, then plug it back in once back on.

I’m having a few issues, most not quite the same as you, but a notable similarity is that the problems can occur on any MIDI channel, not just the one you’ve got your MOOD set to.

I’m not sure if the issue is related to the Tip needing to be completely disconnected from anything (only possible via a modified cable or using the stereo to mono splitter cable). Seems to affect a few of their models but the models we have in our office (tonal recall, habit, blooper) seems to work fine. Possible if you try it with a modified cable (tip disconnected on both ends, so only ring and ground connected) and see if the issue still persists?

Realise it’s not my thread, but just to say what I’ve tried in terms of cabling…

Tip disconnected at one end, Omni ring active
Tip disconnected at both ends, Omni ring active
As above cases, but with tip connected to ring, and Omni standard.

It generally works whatever I do in terms of cabling, but falls over with CC sweeps and MIDI clock on, and also other devices similarly fall over using the Omniport.

Again, don’t mean to hijack the thread, but seems we have similar issues.

I’m pretty sure this is a known thing, @james ? As in, lots of CC expression and/or clock over omniports not recommended, use 5 pin din ports instead?

Thank you everyone for the thoughtful replies! I’ll start this morning by taking a look at via midi monitor and see exactly what messages I’m sending. I’ll have to order a midi to TRS cable and compare the behaviour. Bummer if the omniports don’t work, but I think I should be able to use midi thru on the H9 (the other midi device on my board) to send 5-pin to the Mood.

I finally got around to taking a look here. Strangely, the mere act of launching the midi editor has seemingly resolved all the issues I was having. I can confirm I am sending on midi ch 2, and now both cc and pc messages are doing what you would expect them to do based on Chase Bliss docs. So effectively this issue has been resolved. …though i’d be lying if I said I knew exactly how I solved it. The presets are exactly as I made them last night when weird messages were being sent and unpredictable behaviour was occurring.

Here’s a preset I made for toggling bypass on the wet side of the Mood, for example:

Last night, 1 out of 5 presses of the switch would actually toggle bypass. Now it works perfectly (which is great!), but I wish I knew how to reproduce the broken state so that doesn’t just happen to me on stage…

That could be a bad connection on a data cable somewhere. I would wiggle all connections points to check if it cuts out again, maybe?

Also: on your preset, posn1 and 2 colours are the same, is that intentional? Visually that’ll mean you can’t tell when it’s engaged / not engaged…

The colours are intentional, yes. I’m using the checkered / solid versions of the same colour which is quite visible for me looking down =)

I haven’t changed anything about the connections. Everything is the same as it was when I wrote this post last night but everything is now working.

Oh yeah: I zoomed in. It’s my aging eyesight :grinning:

This is a weird one. There’s no other discernible pattern I guess, like “happens when I engage this preset after arriving from bank x” sort of thing?

This won’t solve your problem with the gear you have now, but I bought the pirate midi gizmo device and it’s made my setup easy to use with my chase bliss, empress and Meris pedals. And it’s only 39 bucks. A steal!