MC6 Pro blinking possible?

Hi, new to this place and new MC6 pro user here. Loving the experience so far, it‘s so satisfying to have one single stomp do so much.

I was wondering if the MC6 Pro has any way of indicating blinking states? That would be really immensely useful. Digging through the manual and forums I saw a lot of talk about it but couldn’t spot the option in neither the production nor beta editor.

for the Pro blinking has been replaced by various means to change the colour of the text and/or the background.

Thanks for chiming in. I‘m already heavily using colors but blinking has a much more visual impact in UI/UX and would help tremendously in a stage/live setting. Maybe something for a future release.

Currently not possible. Not sure about this yet though, will need to assess if performance will be impacted with the constant screen refreshes for the blinking.

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Thanks James, maybe down the line then, crossing fingers! Great work on the MC6 Pro, I‘m having so much fun.

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Perhaps even blinking at a certain BPM for use as a metronome?