MC6 Pro Backup Problem

Is this normal? Wondering how much longer I should let it run.

When I backed mine up, it took forever.

IIRC backup over USB is much faster than backup over MIDI (and you have to be very patient to back up over wireless MIDI).

Really wish the backup format skipped settings that are never modified from stock. Much of that backup is for presets and values which are effectively 0 and not relevant.

The Pro has so many extra messages and banks that are likely untouched.

My slow backup is over USB. I hate to think it could be slower.

Is this on Windows or MacOS?

You’re using the beta editor so I guess you’re using the beta firmware as well - did you connect via Serial or MIDI? Just to be clear, Serial connection is the option at the bottom listed as experimental.

This issue will occur if you connected via Serial (new feature in beta and we’re still working on it) but I just tested on both Windows and MacOS (Connection via MIDI) and it was ok.

Yes, via USB is fastest. It’s quite fast on MacOS already (<1min) but slower on Windows (not sure why yet).

Thx James. This was USB C in MacOS with the beta editor. It’s not a huge deal. I was just curious about the packet count being waaayyy off, and wasn’t sure how long to wait for this to complete. Since I only use 5 banks currently, I canceled the full backup and just backed up those banks individually. Much quicker, and no issues.