MC6 Pro and ML5 - Optical Feedback of Loop States?


I’m using a brand new MC6 Pro (so far I really love the thing) with an ML5 Loop Switcher on my pedalboard. I have set up four presets with the MC6 Pro to midi switch my Friedman IRX (Channels 1 and 2, with and without the Boost). A fifth preset is set up to send a CC Message to the ML5 to toggle on/off Loop A with a Tube Screamer. This way I want to be abe to independently add the Tubescreamer to any of the four IRX Presets. This works like a charm.

However, since the ML 5 is mounted under the board and the Tubescreamer pedal obviously is always on, after pressing the switch connected to the ML5, I have no visual feedback of the loop state, i. e. if loop A is active or not.

Is there a way to make the MC6 Pro show me (by change of color etc.) the respective state the loop is in? Or do I have to set up two switches, one for “on” and one for “off”?

Any feedback is appreciated!

Edit: typo

Sure, enable toggle mode and set a color for short name and toggle name.

Hey, thanks so much for the quick answer! I will give that a try. Much appreciated!