MC6 Pro and ML10x Editors at the same time via Widi?

Forgive me if this a dumb question. This midi/widi stuff is all new for me.

I have the following configuration


This works great for performing. I can control the ML10x with the MC6 Pro. I can also go even further and automate all of my bank and preset changes on the MC6 Pro by adding a midi track to my backing tracks in Logic. That allows me to focus on playing and singing and not worry about stepping on footswitches on the MC6 Pro at all! In situations where I don’t have the Mac and backing tracks I can still use the MC6 Pro to control the ML10x. Awesome!

That’s all great but only AFTER all presets have been already been created.

It’s the workflow of creating the ML10x and MC6 Pro presets with my current widi configuration that is killing me.

It seems like creating presets on the ML10x is not possible at all with my widi/midi configuration.

Using either the MC6 Pro Desktop editor or the Web Editor I can successfully connect the MC6 Pro editor to the MC6 Pro via the “Bud Pro”. No problem there.

Now, while the MC6 Pro editor is open I want to open another browser tab with the ML10x editor so I can edit the MC6 Pro and ML10x at the same time. If I select the “Bud Pro” connection for the ML10x editor, it won’t connect. I tried the “Serial” connection but that didn’t work either.

I was hoping the ML10x editor would be able to connect to the ML10x through the MC6 Pro.

ML10x Editor → Bud Pro → Widi Jack --(3.5TRS in)—> MC6 Pro --(5-pin DIN out)–> ML10x

Is that even possible?

Currently, what I have to do if I want to edit the ML10x is connect a USB C cable from the Mac to the ML10x. Then I can open the ML10x editor which is able to connect via the USB connection. When I connect the USB C cable to the ML10x I get a very loud USB ground loop. I have a ground loop isolator that I use on my HX Stomp but I quit using it because it seems to screw up sysex messages. I don’t want to introduce yet another problem into the mix. So while I’m trying to edit a preset on the ML10x I’m fighting to hear my guitar signal among the USB noise.

When the USB C cable is connected to the ML10x, I cannot control the ML10x with the MC6 Pro. The ML10x does not seem to get any messages from the MC6 Pro when the USB cable is connected to the ML10x from my Mac. So I can’t test going back and forth between presets in the context of a song (either by pressing the MC6 Pro switches or via my midi backing track that controls the MC6 Pro). The only way I can change presets on the ML10x while the USB C cable is connected is by selecting the preset with my mouse in the ML10x editor. I can’t do that while I’m playing and singing. So after creating a preset in the ML10x I have to close the ML10x editor and disconnect the USB C cable. Then I can go edit an MC6 Pro preset to change to the new ML10x preset.

Sometimes after disconnecting the USB C cable the ML10x will STILL not respond to messages from the MC6 Pro. And sometimes the MC6 Pro will no longer receive messages from Logic via the Bud Pro. And sometimes the MC6 Pro editor will no longer connect to the MC6 Pro via the Bud Pro. If I unplug the power on the ML10x and plug it back it, it then responds to messages from the MC6 Pro. This seems to happen at random.

With all of the plugging/unplugging/restarting the Morningstar editors only connect to the devices about 50% of the time. It seems like the constant changes to the number of midi devices as I’m constantly plugging/unplugging the USB C cable in/out of the ML10x causes issues. It all seems to happen randomly and I can’t figure out what causes the instability.

I’m assuming my problems are due to a lack of knowledge on my part. What am I doing wrong here?

How can I edit presets for the MC6 Pro and ML10x at the same time via Widi?

The ML10X cannot communicate with the editor via it’s DIN MIDI ports. The MIDI THRU port is a hard-wired thru port which mirrors incoming MIDI messages directly via hardware.

What you can do is connect the MC6 PRO USB Host port to the ML10X and then route the MIDI thru settings appropriately:

This transmits incoming and outgoing MIDI messages from 3.5mm port to USB Host port and vice versa, which allows the ML10X to communicate with the editor via the MC6 PRO and WIDI Jack.

@james Thank You!

I connected a USB C cable from the MC6 Pro Host port to the ML10x and configured the midi settings on the MC6 Pro as you showed above.

I’m now able to open both the MC6 Pro and ML10x editors at the same time and I can still control the ML10x with the footswitches on the MC6 Pro while the editors are open and connected!

That solved the workflow issue I was having with creating my presets on the ML10x and MC6 Pro.

Thank you so much for the excellent support!