MC6 Pro and Lehle Expression question

I recently got a MC6 Pro and love it.

I have set it up with a Lehle Dual Expression in Omniport 1 and it worked out of the box - great!

The one gripe I have with it that the Lehle continuously sends it status to the MC6 Pro and the MC 6 Pro shows it on the screen. Even if I don’t do anything the “EXP 1: xxx%” is changing by +/-1% at a rate of a few kHZ or so which means that I have a super nervous flickering display on the screen that drives me nuts.

Can I get rid of the “EXP 1: xxx%” display on screen somehow? I did not find how and where. I read in an old forum post that starting the name by a “#” would disable that display but this does nothing for me.

Any tips?

The # thing works on the older models, not the Pro - it’s a way of stopping exp movements “taking over” the display (on the older models, the screen changes to display only exp value).

Try recalibrating your expression, including altering the sensitivity. After saving omniport settings, pull power on the MC and power up again (omniport setting changes require a restart).

Thank you for the reply! I‘ll tried to recalibrate the expression pedal and it did not change anything. I‘ll try to read up on it and do it again. Slightly reducing the sensitivity should do the trick

Ok, I am officially stupid. All that I needed to do was to read the manual to figure out that I should use the 10K port on my Lehle and everything fell into place immediately.

I keep being amazed what a great Unit the MC6 Pro is.

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