MC6 Pro and Hologram Chroma Console

I’m new to midi, so I might be missing something really obvious. I bought the MC6Pro and ML10X and am stoked to get started. By watching one of James’ videos I was able to start programming the MC6pro to control my H9 easily with the online editor.

However, I am not having luck with the Chroma Console.

Has anyone had success with getting the MC6Pro to talk to the Chroma Console?

I have been trying to send PC messages to be able to choose specific presets for songs. According to the CHroma manual, the first 0-79 PC #s should match the 1-80 presets.

I’m just using midi channel 1, but have tried all midi numbers as well.

I kept my settings to be able to allow incoming midi messages and clock etc.

If I can get it to work, I think it’ll be a magical combination. I imagine moving from intro to verse and choosing the next preset with presaved gesture controls, etc. already loaded.

Thanks. I’m excited to learn more from all of you.

Hi there! I too have the Chroma Console and MC6 Pro and am excited to get them fully integrated. Out of the box, I just have the MC6 Pro setup to treat Chroma Console on MIDI channel 1. So far I have been able to successfully send CC#91 with values 0 and 127 to channel 1 in order to engage and bypass the Chroma Console.

As a “control” have you been able to achieve the same behavior to start? simply engaging and bypassing the pedal?

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Thanks for your quick response, Sengi! I didn’t try that actually. As of now, I’ve only been interested in choosing presets, as I’m not sure how I’d use the CC messages. They seem to be used more when using an expression pedal. ?

I’ve only tried to send a PC #0 to connect to my 1st preset and PC #12 to a different preset, but nothing appears to happen.

I’ll try your suggestion as soon as I’m able to. Starting with something simple makes sense.

Also, I noticed that Hologram’s online manual colors are different than the physical manual they sent with the unit. That doesn’t help anything when everything is strictly color-coded. Haha.

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good luck! my logic is always to start with something simple to help eliminate any external issues like a poor connection, MIDI channel, etc.

keep posted!

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