MC6 Pro and Boss RC10R

Hi there. This is my first post; I’m also very fresh at using MC6 Pro and MIDI controllers in general. I’m considering using my RC10R looper outside the pedalboard with triggering looping and drum patterns with my MC6 Pro. I came across the video below from 3 years ago, where some MIDI control issues have been displayed.

I guess the question is, did anyone make the RC10R and MC6 Pro work together? I would like to know this before I spend an eternity trying to make it work, only to realise some software-related issue prevents me from making it happen.


I have a board and made it work with the MC6, running through an HX Stomp. The RC-10R is responsive to a Disaster Area Designs micro.clock (I can turn the knob to update the RC-10R tempo along with the rest of the board). One of the key things to get it work was to order and use a Boss MIDI cable. This thread documents mine and other people’s struggles to get it working (Death By Midi (boss Rc-10r) | Page 4 | The Gear Page)
One handy thing in there is an unofficial RC10-R midi guide someone else wrote.

I did find Roland support to be helpful via email.

Feel free to ping me directly. I’m hoping to replace my MC-6 with a pro shortly, so I’ll be recreating the whole setup with that (if I can get one).

HTH! Michael

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Legend! Thank you for pointing me out to this thread. I will most likely cut my midi cables as I have a mix of 1/4", 1/8" TRS and DIN for my MIDI patch. I have already seen hints that Boss uses type 2 MIDI wiring, so that I will label them all correctly. I will start programming my MC6 Pro the first week of December (very busy at work), so plenty of time to refer to the thread you have linked me with.

Once I get going, I will update this thread.

Thanks again!

Just know that its not all up to date but it should help. I moved on from some things mentioned in that thread since.


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I am trying to find a way for mc6 pro to clear all tracks on the Boss RC10r by using midi or the relay switch. The Boss requires a long press on the actual unit to delete a track, how do I create a command that emulates a long press like that? Long press via the editor isn’t the same thing. Or is there a clear track setting in midi somewhere? I don’t see it in the menus or Morningstar editor. You would think that clearing everything would be an easy task. Any help would be appreciated!

Try to add a delay between on/off messages