MC6 PRO Ableton as Master Clock

Hi all. I want to send clock from Ableton(master) to my MC6 pro(via USB), to all pedals DIN and TRS pedals(via MS midi box). I can’t seem to get anything to sync properly . Seriously pulling my hair out!!! :slight_smile:

Could someone please tell me specifically what needs to be done in Ableton and the MC6 pro settings to accomplish this?

Will the CC waveforms sync perfectly with Ableton without needing to hit any switches on the MC6 or reset the transport in Ableton. I cannot get this to work.

When using CC waveform generator do I still need to put Midi CC clock command after it if I am using it in this manner?

No, the CC waveforms will not adjust to the new clock BPM. After the MC6 receives and adjusts it’s BPM to the new incoming MIDI clock signal, you need to re-trigger the CC waveforms.

If you are using Ableton as the Master clock then you do not need to do anything related to MIDI clock commands. In the Waveform message, just set it to “follow MIDI clock”.

Regarding Ableton MIDI settings, you can find more info here:
You need to enable Sync for one of the OUT MIDI ports (just Port 1 should work).

In the MC6 PRO MIDI thru settings, you need to enable whatever ports you want to route the incoming MIDI clock from the USB Device port to:

Thank you. So the CC waveform(whole note) will not be in sync with a whole note for Ableton? Thats the problem I am having. No matter what I do it will not sync to the click in Ableton. The modulation is not following the click. I tried to stop and start playback after retriggering the command.