MC6 or MC3 better and for the future

Hey everyone, I am really new to this midi controller thing. I think I have a very simple pedalboard right now.

The pedals that use midi is:

  1. Strymon timeline
  2. Line6 M5
  3. Jet pedals revelation reverb pedal

I would like to know what are your preferences, MC6 or MC3?

Most probably will add midi OD like jackson audio in the future, but not right now.

Thank you

I just picked up a mc6. Glad I went for the extra switches over smaller hardware. And with the recent announcement mc6 will be able to do trs output to your Jackson (when you get it) via one of the inputs. So yeah I vote mc6.

I think it’s not so much future-proofing with the MC6 but rather it really depends on how many switches you need. If you can get by with having access to 3 presets per bank for scrolling etc, or even if you just need access to Start, Stop and Play for a Looper function, the MC3 will do the job just fine.

I finally bought the MC6 from reverb around $215 so I think it is better. Hopefully to get it soon and practice with it :slight_smile: