MC6 + Octatrack clock issues


I would like to be able to send midi clock from the Octatrack to the MC6 and, in turn, send the clock to my time based effects and looper.

I am having trouble figuring out how to set this up. My tap tempo works as it should, so i know the MC6 is communicating with my pedals correctly.

Any Octatrack users out there having success with this setup?

Did you turn MIDI Thru On on the MC6? So that it can pass the messages from MIDI IN to MIDI Out.

Thanks for the reply, @james!

Turns out i had to adjust my auto channel and sending channel on the octatrack. I also had the mc6 controlling play/stop on the octatrack, and since it was sending and receiving on the auto channel the OT got confused. Working great now!