MC6 + NUX AMP ACADEMY + USB HOST .... Quick Midi CC Question?

Hi all !

I have my DoreMidi USB Host on the way [should get here any day] to connect my MC6 MKII to my Nux Amp Academy … all good !

In preparation I have a quick Midi CC Question - see the attached image - this is the Midi CC code for the Nux EFX Block:-

=> if I want to set up 1 x FSW on my MC6 MKII to Toggle this EFX Block ON and OFF, what Midi Commands do I need to enter / use ? … I’m assuming Value 1 is OFF and Value 9 is ON (?)

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** BUMP ** [ Apologies :frowning: ]

I’m assuming Value 1 is OFF and Value 9 is ON (?)
That would be rather uncommon. I’ve had a quick look at the manual which didn’t help much. But my guess would be that, since there are 9 fx types, cc value 1 will toggle effect one, cc value 2 will toggle effect 2 and so on. But maybe ‘range’ just refers to the CC# numbers which you can choose from. In that case it’s probably the standart CC 0 for off and CC 127 for on.

Thanks GuitarWolf

I think you are totally spot on. The EFX Block has 9 Pedals in it, so 1 - 9 will [ I’m %99.99 certain ] correspond with the 9 EFX Blocks and 0 - 127 will be the standard on/off messages :slight_smile:

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