MC6 + ML5 presets AND additional loops on/off like stompbox-mode?

Hello, I’m using my MC6 with the first 3 switched (A, B, C) to select presets on my ML5.
My plan is to have the 2nd row on MC6 (D, E, F) as additional loop on/off switches.
That means: Lets say A on MC6 switches loops A, B, C on ML5 on.
Now I want button D on MC6 to switch on loop D, too! Is that possible?
I dont want another preset! I know I can store A B C and D an button D on MC6.
But I want only to ADD (or delete) a certain loop when I hit D. And lets say button E should add/switch off loop E on ML5…

Absolutely! I’m essentially doing this in reverse (acting as stompboxes and the extra MC6 buttons set with PC#s for presets)
Reference the chart in the manual here
but you’ll be using cc#s to turn on or off individual loops.

ah, that sounds good! Thank you for the link. I’ll directly try this tomorrow.
Cool, MORNINGSTAR units are really smart ;- )
MC6, ML5, a HX Stomp and 5 good pedals and that’s more than enough :nerd_face:

That’s a Do Everything rig right there! have fun programming and make sure to browse the forum cause I’m always learning new features and things to try out!