MC6 MKII Toggle mode

Can someone give me a step by step on how to use one of my 6 buttons to toggle to presets G-L? I want to use preset C to toggle back and forth between the 2 preset pages. I’m willing to give up the 2 switches to have access to 10 presets in bank 1. I thought I found various guides and tried setting it up, but can’t get it to do anything. What am I missing? FYI…I have an MC6 MKII updated to 3.6.2. Thanks for any help…

So what you need is just a preset that has a toggle page message.You’ll need two presets in one back with that message, one on each page. If its not working, its likely because you’re in Editor mode. Page toggle feature using presets are disabled while the device is in editor mode to help with editing.

If it still does not work, can you screenshot and paste your setting on the editor here so we can verify whats wrong?

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I was able to get it to work a little bit but it didn’t seem to switch back and forth between the 2 pages. It was almost like there was a 3rd page in there and I had to press the toggle button twice to get back to the previous page. I ended up configuring button C as Bank Up/Bank Down without doing a “toggle”. I wouldn’t mind figuring out what I did wrong though…I’m sure it has something to do with the toggle position. Thanks for the input though…it did take me a few minutes to realize that I had to “disconnect” from the web editor to see the changes…lol

yeah, some features are disabled because right now users push a switch to load the settings into the editor. we cant differentiate if they want to load the settings or toggle a page (or bank up/down, for example) if its in editor mode, hence these features are disabled.

If you can send me a screenshot of your settings, I can check what’s wrong

I got it to work somehow…lol…I set each Position to “both” thru trial and error and it functions like I wanted. I still might grab and Aux switch to give me the 2 switches back and gain some more functionality.

If your toggle mode set to ON, it means that the preset will toggle between 2 positions on each step. That is likely why you couldn’t get it to work. As you have discovered, turning the toggle mode OFF and/or setting the Pos to Both (which means that the message will execute in both toggle positions) will solve this.

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I would humbly recommend putting this information in the manual. I just spent a bunch of time reading and rereading the manual trying to figure out why the Page Toggle action didn’t seem to be working. It was indeed due to having the web editor up and connected!

Glad it’s working for you :slight_smile:

This info is actually in many parts of the manual, including a banner which shows up when you connect to the editor.

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