MC6 MKII Tap Tempo / Reverb PreDelay issue

Hey everyone,

I recently switched from a Disaster Area DMC-4 to a MC6 MKII. I’ve been loving it and the many different capabilities, however I’ve been running into an issue when trying to create a tap tempo command.
This is how I’ve been setting up the midi command: Action - Press Type - Midi Clock Tap

The problem I’ve been running into is the tap tempo is affecting the pre delay in my BigSky. It DOES send the correct tap into the TimeLine but I don’t want it to send to my BigSky.

Any ideas or solutions?
Thanks in advance, Dawson

Hi. You can disable MIDI Clock receive on the BigSky. This is done at the preset level. Explained on pg 7 of the BigSky manual here:

Hey Brandon!

Thank for the response. I actually looked into that and it was turned off. I still don’t know what the issue could be.

This MIDICL setting on the Bigsky is on a preset level, so changing to a different preset could have a MIDICL setting. AFAIK, this is the only setting that affects whether a preset in the Bigsky responds to MIDI Clock or not. If you have turned it off, and it still responds to MIDI Clock, you might want to check with Strymon about this.